What is the Big Book Solution Group?

Who we are....

We are compulsive eaters who have recovered. This means that our obsession has been removed. It means we do not have to be shielded from temptation. We do not manage triggers. We do not control our travels so that we won't be tempted. We do not have to be obsessively working our food plans. We do not have to snap rubber bands on our wrists. We do not worry if illness, being out of town or other circumstances cause us to miss a meeting. We do not have to keep fresh in our mind the past consequences of our last debacle or imagine the potential consequences in order to keep ourselves sober. We are free. When temptation does arise, we found we have been given the ability to react like we are about to hurt ourselves. We have access to this gift as long as we practice specific principles in every aspect our lives.

Our recovery was not accomplished by methods that are commonly used today, though many of us first tried those methods unsuccessfully. We found freedom by the methods espoused by the pioneers of the 12 Step program. These precise methods can only be found in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. As far as we are concerned, it is what worked for us. Humility demands that we are only equipped to pass along that with which we were successful.

This process was not easy, soft or gentle for any of us. It is a difficult program because it demands that we take actions that we really didn't want to do. We worked these Steps only because going back to our addiction was our only other choice. Going back to compulsive eating behaviors was too painful for us. We recommend this program only to those who are without other options, who are without hope of recovery by any other method. After all, if we were to be successful, we had to completely give ourselves to this simple program. This meant the elimination of all other options by actually testing them.

As time has passed our numbers have grown. Persistence in our way of living, faith in the Power which keeps our obsession at bay and keeping our focus on the fundamentals has paid off. We continue to live free of the obsession and now our lives have taken on a real purpose. This is the greatest gift we have received.


OABBSG Group Conscience voted to define group membership as member identifying the Saturday Line-by-Line (6:00 p.m. Central Time) as his/her home group and showing support for this group. Details such as frequency of attendance and how to support the home group, etc., will remain between each person and his/her sponsor. See the Meetings page for more information about how to attend/access the Saturday Line-by-Line home group meeting.